Real Alternatives - Pregnancy Support Services

Real Alternatives

Since 1996, Real Alternatives has served as a valuable resource to over 270,000 women, providing a wide range of pregnancy and parenting support services throughout Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. Established in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the nonprofit group’s inaugural program enjoyed significant success throughout the state and became one of the first nonprofits accredited under the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations’ Standards of Excellence. Since then, Real Alternatives has added 95 support centers in Pennsylvania, 27 centers in Michigan, and 22 in Indiana.

At Real Alternatives funded pregnancy centers, trained counselors provide compassionate support to women who are concerned about their reproductive health or who face unexpected pregnancies or challenges related to parenting. They encourage women to choose childbirth over abortion, providing a host of informational and supportive resources that include adoption education, health care assistance, access to food and clothing pantries, and the benefits of an understanding and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

As a nonprofit, Real Alternatives receives funding from state departments of health and human services. Its resource networks encompass adoption agencies, maternity residencies, general pregnancy support centers, and social service agencies that provide life-affirming guidance to women.